Yma Zetsyvis (born Yma Surukta) is the mother to Lety Zetsyvis and spouse to Uzul Zetsyvis. She begins a relationship with Ryzek Noavek in the first novel as a means to undermine his rule on behalf of the resistance. Her hair is described as bright white, eyes a shocking blue, and much younger than her husband. She “has a gift for elegant insults.” Her currentgift is to bend people’s hearts, to make them love her, essentially. It is a long and complicated process.


We first meet Yma at a dinner party Ryzek is throwing with Suzao Kuzar, Vas Kuzar, Vakrez and his husband Malan, and Zeg Radix. At this dinner party Ryzek manipulates Cyra into torturing Uzul for attempting to search for the Shotet exiles. Unbeknownst to Cyra and Ryzek, Uzul was suffering from a disease for which his religion forbade him from taking medicine to cure.

Yma is seen throughout the rest of the first book as Cyra nursery her daughter and makes the acquaintance of Yma’s niece Teka. Yma poisons Ryzek’s calming potion with a sleeping tonic the day Cyra challenges him in the arena and kidnaps him.