Vas is a supporting character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

Information Edit

Vas Kuzar is the primary henchmen to Ryzek Noavek. His currentgift is to not feel pain.

He is first introduced in the beginning of the novel during the abduction of the Kereseth children and killing of Aoseh. Akos swears to kill him.

Personality Edit

Vas is noted to be very cruel and violent. He sometimes makes lewd comments to Cyra. When Akos Kereseth is assigned to Cyra for pain relief Vas is visibly upset and jealous.

Appearance Edit

Vas is tall and very muscular, built very broad and very strong. His eyes are noted to be a golden, amber color. He shaves half of his head, leaving the rest of his hair long, greasy, and limp.

Currentgift Edit

Vas's currentgift is to not feel pain, which makes him especially useful for dealing with Cyra on Ryzek's behalf. Vas's currentgift has a flipside though; he has to remind himself to relieve his body by setting alarms, and he often has wounds that go unattended unless he remembers to check.

He developed the gift at ten seasons. He was small for his age then and at a regular school. Bigger kids were picking on him, but when he realized he couldn’t feel pain he “beat one of them half to death. They didn’t come after [him] again.”

Death Edit

Vas is killed by Akos Kereseth in battle under the arena at the end of the first novel. Using his own gift, Akos is able to interrupt Vas's currentgift, allowing Vas to feel pain. While Vas is distracted, Akos stabs him.