The Fates Divide is book 2 of Veronica Roth's Carve The Mark Duology which was released on April 10, 2018. It is the final book in the duology.

Synopsis Part 1 Edit

It starts with Cyra and Akos who are still in love. They have sex for the first time when they hear a scream, which they find out came from Cisi. She screamed because Isae killed Ryzek. They then send Isae off to the Assembly because they can't trust her, and Cisi goes with her because she is in love with her. The rest of them travel to Ogra, which is where all of the Shotet exiles are. Cyra's gift is worse on Ogra so her currentshadows go back to the way they previously were before the whole incident. When Isae arrives at the Assembly, she calls for the help of her childhood friend, Ast who turns out to be un-trustworthy. Either way, at the Assembly, Isae is convinced to start a war against Thuvhe and sends a message to Cyra to do so. Cyra replies negotiating terms of peace, since surrender would be pitiful. Afterwards, she sends a message to her people telling them to evacuate. The Assembly wants Isae to blow something up, Ast wants the center of town where it will do the most damage, but Cisi says their ships, without knowing they are all evacuating. Hundreds of Shotet die in the explosion while Lazmet Noavek, Cyra's 'father' presumed dead, returns to take the throne. In Ogra, Cyra and Akos are having relationship issues when everyone is called to the Ogran oracle for a visit. Cyra and Akos find out they were switched at birth.

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