The Shotet people were once wanderers. Eventually, they settled on the planet Thuvhe. Every year since they settled on Thuvhe, they have gone on a sojourn to commemorate their history.

Shotet CultureEdit

The Shotet believe blue to be their most sacred color, reflecting the color of the current. Soldiers can earn dark blue armor by killing an Armored One, implied to be a large beast with very thick skin and few weak spots. One is not permitted to wear this armor without killing the beast themselves, and the armor is then custom made for the wearer over a period of many months. During the Sojourn festival, blue is the dominant color, in face and hair paint, in dress, and decoration. When the Sojourn Ship (as big as the city of Voa itself) lifts off the ground, the whole city is showered in blue rain.

They value battle and the reuse of things scavenged. A mark, to them, is not a reflection of a kill, but rather a loss. They welcome cultures of all the planets in their solar system but only allow for their language to be spoken in their city. Hushflower is highly unpopular in their culture as it is thought to interrupt the natural flow of the current.

In Shotet culture, a pact is formed through spoken word.

Burial is performed in space, as a reference to the Shotet’s nomadic roots.

The rudest thing a Shotet person can be called is a “fleshworm.” This refers to their scavenging.

Shotet CharactersEdit

Akos Noavek

Lazmet Noavek

Ylira Noavek

Ryzek Noavek





Kalmev Radix

Zeg Radix