Ogra is one of the nine assembly recognized planets. Its capital city is Pokgo.

The definition of the word ogra you can find in the second book: "Ogra, Noun. In Ogran: 'The living dark'".

It is noted to be wreathed in shadow and is “a mystery to most in [the] galaxy.” They do not allow many visitors, and technology does not penetrate their atmosphere. Ogran is not a language many can speak. For 20 years they housed the exile colony of Shotet, mostly in a village called Galo.

It is noted for its dancing. Three dancers act as entertainment during one of Ryzek’s dinner parties early in the first book. They wear skin tight dark fabric from throat to ankle and trace their eyes and lips with pale chalk. Ograns have some ability to control fire and fenzu light, and create drum noises by touching their bodies, as well as making parts of their bodies glow.

One of the dancers at Ryzek’s dinner party comments that Cyra is “herself a small Ogra...[all] clothed in darkness,” though the meaning of this is unclear. The point where this phrase gets historia meaning is in the secundaria part of the Sequel. They seem to have some innate ability to detect someone’s home background by looking at them, as they are able to detect Akos’s Shotet heritage very quickly. Until the end it is still unclear if they mean the heritage of Cyra. Nonetheless, it is about her special power. Therefore, it is important to know the meaning of the word ogra.

They have a phrase Cyra knows, “Honor has no place in survival.”

Landing on Ogra is incredibly dangerous and difficult. To do so, one must disable all electronics on board and free fall past their dense atmosphere. Once past, you must re-enable all systems so you can land. Every welcome greeting ends with “Congratulations on your safe arrival.” The planet is incredibly dark, with trees with no leaves and incredible storms. Many people comment that everything on Ogra is trying to kill you, from the plants to the water to the earth itself. Currentgifts are much stronger on the planet’s surface.

Plantlife Edit

  • Voma grows bulbous fruit that looks like a person with puffed cheeks, with roots that grow straight down, deep, and much bigger than the plant itself. The juice is considered an incredibly powerful strengthening agent.

Animals Edit

  • Galansk is a huge, fearsome beast that lives in the canal waters outside of Galo. It has a bulbous head, at least a dozen tentacles tapered to feathery ends, and a mouth as big as a grown man's torso, with lots of sharp, narrow teeth.