Lety Zetsyvis is the daughter of Uzul and Yma Zestyvis. She is grown when we meet her, a whole head shorter than Cyra, with a long blond braid down her back and blue-gray eyes. Her currentgift is memory; she can remember everything vividly.

She is killed by Cyra in the arena.


We first meet Lety at Ryzek’s dinner party where Cyra tortures her father Uzul.

She sends a note to Cyra after her father’s suicide instructing Cyra to carve the mark.

We next see her aboard the Sojourn ship, openly betraying Ryzek by announcing his fate during his commencement speech the last day of the Sojourn Festival. Eijeh has seen this in a vision, and Ryzek is able to anticipate it. He twists the situation to his advantage and then has his sister fight Lety in the Arena.


Lety interrupts Ryzek’s welcoming speech aboard the Sojourn ship to yell his fate loudly to everyone. Ryzek has known of this from one of Eijeh’s visions, twisting the scenario and accusing Lety of spreading lies. He allows Lety to challenge his sister Cyra in the arena. When Cyra is preparing for battle, Ryzek intervenes, and gives instruction that Cyra is to kill Lety with her currentgift instead of a knife in proper battle. She does so, in the arena, the murder quick, and she does so while staring into her brother’s eyes. The arena is silent afterward. Cyra carves the kill mark for Lety that night with Akos.