Eijeh is one of the supporting characters in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

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Eijeh Kereseth is the middle child of the family Kereseth, brother to Cisi and Cyra Kereseth. He is also the adoptive older brother of Akos. He is the rising Oracle of Thuvhe.

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Eijeh is initially an outgoing young boy who is close to his family, teasing toward his brother, and playful around with his best friend. He is noted to have a disciplined temperament early on, with “a gift for shutting things out and letting them back in only when he wanted to.” Over the course of the book he is subjected to the continued torture of Ryzek Noavek, and becomes cruel and devoid of emotion. The stress of Shotet torture and brutality takes a much harsher toll on him than his younger brother.

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He is described as having "dense, curly" hair early in the book, and his eyes are noted to be pale green. His skin is light brown, and his voice is described as “higher than most boys'.” Eijeh does not grow to be as tall as his younger brother. He is often described as emaciated and gaunt later in the first book, and at one point grows a patchy beard. Later in the first book he cuts his hair short, like Ryzek and comes to appreciate clean fingernails, like Ryzek.

Early LifeEdit

Eijeh is a teasing, cheerful boy, often antagonizing his younger brother about his penchant for blushing. He was found smoking a pipe one year with his closest friend Ori Rednalis, and does not embarrass easily. He shares a room with his younger brother Akos, but his side is notably messier. Eijeh also is often loud. Akos notes that when Eijeh tries to whisper to him at night, he is always loud enough for their parents to hear.

Fate Edit

"The second child of the family Kereseth will see the future of the galaxy."

Eijeh's fate indicates that he is to be the next oracle of his planet, after his mother, Sifa Kereseth.

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Eijeh's currentgift is to see glimpses of the future.

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