Cisi is one of the supporting characters in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. Cisi becomes a point of view character in The Fates Divide.

Information Edit

Cisi is the eldest of the Kereseth children. Her currentgift is to emotionally manipulate others, which is typically used to calm or ease others' emotions. However, it can be used to cause great discomfort.

Personality Edit

Calming, sympathetic, and reserved by nature. Cares very much about her family and her eventual wife, Isae Benesit.

As a child, she loved to read curled by the fire.

Appearance Edit

Cisi is said to have dark curly hair and a defect where one of her pupils bled into her iris, leaving a small mark. Her skin is described as slightly darker than her brother Akos's.


"The first child of the family Kereseth will succumb to the blade."

Cisi is stabbed in The Fates Divide. She passes out, but does not die. This may mean that her fate has yet to be fulfilled by the end of the series.


Cisi's currentgift is emotional manipulation. Originally she uses it solely to put others at ease, however she can use it to cause great discomfort. Akos describes Cisi's ability as being a 'puppetmaster', as she is able to use her ability subtly to manipulate others. She frequently uses her currentgift to guide Isae.

Due to her currentgift, most people who meet Cisi are implied to be quite smitten with her.

A side effect of her gift is that she is incapable of saying anything that may cause others discomfort. This also appears to impact her emotions, as she is unable to cry in front of others.