Ast is a character in the second novel, The Fates Divide. He is a good friend of Isae Benesit, having grown up with her on the transport vessel where they both were raised. He is a mechanic, and his father (known as “Wrench”) died in the raid that left Isae scarred. He considers himself “brim spawn,” having been born in space, and living on a planet that requires a special mask to walk its surface, with a set of numbers instead of a name.

Ast is partially blind, traveling constantly with a small metal guide bot called Pazha, designed to look like a beetle. He has mechanical implants for eyes, with irises ringed with pale green light, and pupils circles with white.

His currentgift is to detect the currentgifts of others.

Ast stabs Cisi in an effort to subdue her influence over Isae regarding the use of extreme violence against the Shotet. He pins the crime on an Othyrian who can change his face. When Isae finds out she has him arrested and sent back to his home moon to await trial, though he is permanently barred from returning to Assembly nation-planets.